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eNaira Payment Options Keeps The Customers Coming Back

eNaira helps your customers pay for your services with such ease that keeps them coming back. With eNaira, your customer base spreads beyond the shores of Nigeria because overseas payment is not just possible but fast and even cheap. The more the patronage, the more profit!



Adopting eNaira payments enables customer satisfaction for a sustainable and scalable business

Get Government Business Support Allowance

eNaira makes it easier for you to get support allowance from the government because the CBN has your wallet information and can make direct deposits on behalf of the government.

Easy Payment For Customers

eNaira gives your customers a super-easy payment option through its QR Code Scan feature and it makes them keep coming back.

Foreign Business Partnership

eNaira promotes efficient and straightforward cross-border payments which fosters profitable foreign business partnerships.

Boost of eCommerce

eNaira peer-to-peer payment feature facilitates a boost in eCommerce and give the in-mall experience to friends physically separated by distance.

Unlocking New Markets

eNaira opens up a whole new customer base you did not know existed, with the increased customers, business growth is guaranteed.

Sell Across Borders

With eNaira businesses can easy make sales in any country because the eNaira is 100% local and 100% global.

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