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Integral to the establishment of eNaira is the necessity to build more synergy with financial institutions. The framework of eNaira is such that it entrenches many pipelines of collaboration and further strengthens financial institutions core service delivery. By its very nature with regards to its mandates, eNaira enhances the structures of these institutions instead of replacing same.



eNaira affords profitable partnership for progressive innovations

New Markets

eNaira opens up a whole new market of digital currency users for financial institutions to increase their customer base and add value to their account owners.

Customer Synergy

Financial Institutions act as bridges between customers and the CBN, this increased customer interaction can help them adopt better customer support models.


The eNaira system is designed and integrated with the best fraud management system, which guarantees security of transactions and fosters customers’ trust.


eNaira is not a subtle scheme to steal your customers. It is a collaboration to grant access to more financially excluded people.

Data Access

eNaira gives every linked financial institution an access to the data base of customers with wallets domiciled in their banks.

Restricted Migrations

eNaira Maximum Daily Cumulative Limit restricts customers from total migration which result in capital loss for financial institutions.

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