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Richer Government, Richer People

Increased Government Revenue Means More Funds For Development Projects

Through reduction in cash handling costs and more transparent taxing systems, eNaira makes more funds available for development projects such as better feeder roads, affordable education, and more equipped health facilities. Spending eNaira, will make for richer Government and a richer people.



With eNaira, the Government has more funds to make life easier for citizens.

Increased Financial Inclusion

eNaira creates easy access to financial services at remote areas that have suffered financial exclusion for years

Transparent Taxing System

With eNaira, tax evasion is history because eNaira ensures the traceability of taxable assets and enforces transparency in the taxation systems thereby increasing revenue.

Efficient Social Welfare Programs

eNaira enables the government to send direct welfare allowance to citizens and communities that are beneficiaries of such interventions.

Increased Foreign Exchange

eNaira facilitates instant cross-border foreign exchange which boosts the economic growth of the nation.

Reduced Cash-handling costs

eNaira greatly reduces the costs of handling cash, from minting all the way to destruction, the Federal government saves cost

Minimal Fraudulent activities

eNaira minimizes fraudulent activities and shady deals such as money laundering, and illegal money deals because of the trackable unique ID of each eNaira.

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