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eNaira was minted with your expectations in mind. We understand our customers are real people whose needs are constantly evolving so our approach to delivering tailored solutions needs to constantly evolve. From functionality, call to actions, to user interface, our goal has always been to deliver an exceptional digital experience tailored to your needs.



eNaira enables an exceptional digital experience tailored to your needs

diaspora payments

eNaira makes diaspora payments cheap and safe to ensure you get more value for every Naira you earn.

Government Aids

Financial Government Aids gets straight to you. eNaira knocks the middle men out the way and you can claim funds directly.

Fast transactions

The faster, the better. eNaira makes it possible to send funds, save money, and save time while at it.

Local payments

Boycott the queues and pay taxes, and bills from the comfort of your home. It's easier and it's dependable

Secure banking

Worried about the safety and security of banking details? Rest assured; the transparency makes everything traceable.

Financial inclusion

Now there's enough room for everyone to enjoy banking services. The process is easy and the process is simple.

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