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eNaira offers local and international Non-Governmental Organizations and Religious Institutions money transaction solutions that ensures that, at the end of the day, their focus is trained more on carrying out their projects than on the security and usage of the money backing each project. This is because a confidence that the money will do exactly what it was purposed to do, even faster, cheaper, and safer than previously obtainable is what eNaira offers.



With eNaira, social interventions take on a more stimulated and more active life force.

International Donations Made Easier

International NGOs can now send and receive donations and contributions across countries with a faster, easier, cheaper, and safer method than previously obtainable, without the old hassles of rigorous money transfer bottlenecks.

Direct-to-Beneficiary Welfare Aid

Community and Aid project beneficiaries do not have to wait so long to receive what has been promised them anymore. Once the beneficiary owns an eNaira wallet, all aid goes straight from the wallet of the NGO to the wallet of the beneficiary in seconds.

No More Cash Handling Troubles

Religious institutions now have a cleaner and more direct means of gathering collections by members, eliminating the costs and risks of cash handling.

Everyone Can Now Donate, Every Time

Micro-donations are now so much more possible for welfare projects, whereby, denominational limits are not placed on what can be donated, giving all cadres of donors a chance to give in situations where “looking for transaction balances” would have deterred them.

Project Financial Reporting Made Easier

Expense-tracking and report-development for social projects for NGOs has become nearly automated with eNaira, as the traceability of each eNaira ensures that balancing ledgers and knowing the exact identity of the recipient of each eNaira occurs at near-real time and in tandem with the very transfer of funds itself.

Project Funds Are Securely Used As Purposed

NGOs and Religious institutions do not have to worry about cases where hired project managers abscond with money set aside for welfare projects when they use eNaira, as forgery and counterfeiting of eNaira units is impossible due to its unique identity and the fortified security backing its Distributed Ledger System.

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